October 02, 2013

A New Fun Medium!

A couple years ago, for about 4 years I had a business silk painting.  I did a lot of scarves that looked like this.  The dyes where wild and transparent and luminous and so beautiful.  Well the economic downturn came along and we couldn't keep the business going.  I missed the look of the dyes as I went toward painting.

  Recently I've some artist friends who've started to work with alcohol inks. I finally was able to get with them and find out how to use them last night and WOW we had a blast!  The inks reminded me of the dyes and their properties!  It's like coming home in a way!

Here are my first two on yupo paper.

I've had so much fun doing these that I might teach it!  I have all kinds of ideas running through my head now!  It was so much fun!

If you are in the Findlay Ohio area look up Inks and Drinks for a fun night learning this medium!

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