October 20, 2013

SOLD ~ Green Abstract ~ The Veiled Series

Hey ho!  I've been rolling right along with these little ink paintings and gaining more confidence to go bigger.  I've got some big pieces of yup that I think I will make some 11 x 14's out of eventually!

The only problem with being so prolific is the work it takes to get them all up on the various places on the interwebz!

I am also becoming proficient at Photoshop! I just have to remember if I am doing them at night I need to remember I have my monitor dimmer on!  f.lux!  Try it, it helps get you ready for bed and is customizable!

I decided to start breaking these up into series because I am SO running out of names!  And they seem to fall neatly into categories!

So this is one of The Veiled Series.  I will just start numbering them!

 click to enlarge

"Green Abstract"
From The Veiled Series
4 x 5" alcohol ink on Yupo paper

© 2013 Kelly Dombrowski



  1. I like the "veiled series" name. Visually accurate, and people can read into that as they want.

    1. Thanks Dawn! I keep wanting to see what is "back there".


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