October 26, 2013

SOLD! ~ Red Flower 3

Another red flower!  Boy people sure do love these flowers!  I have to make some more flowers!  Actually they are fun!  Natural flowers are cool anyway! But making them up is more fun :)

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"Red Flower 3"
7 x 5" alcohol ink on Yupo paper
© 2013 Kelly Dombrowski


Yupo is waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper made from polypropylene pellets.  The thickness reminds me of good photo paper.  It's super smooth and durable, waterproof and will not tear.  It holds ink well.  It will not deteriorate yet is 100% recyclable.

Alcohol ink can fade over time. Some colors are more prone than others even like professional artists colors.  To protect the art I have put on a UV polymer varnish and I recommend keeping the art behind glass and keeping out of the sun.  They have UV shields that are quite inexpensive and helpful that you stick on the glass.  They can be found HERE.

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