November 25, 2013

Abstract Flowers 10 ~ Bright and Colorful!

I'm continuing to learn how to paint with these inks.  I found I like looser better and controlled less better!  So many happy surprises!

I also decided to move my website from FASO since it was costly and I wanted to chat more and to be able to customize more.  It's wonderful for those that are lost in website making but very frustrating for me!  I decided to go with Weebly and a starter account.  So far I have been extremely pleased!

The only glitch I ran into was transferring my domain name.  Hopefully it will be worked out soon since I can't get my email!

I have another email set up for the new site which you can see HERE.

I still have to put up ALL my art for sale!  That's a GOOD THING!  I also will be offering prints for sale.  But nothing is as beautiful as the real thing.  If I could encourage you, if you can swing it, there is NOTHING better than the real thing with these alcohol inks!

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"Abstract Flowers 10"
5 x 7" alcohol ink on Yupo paper

© 2013 Kelly Dombrowski


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