November 11, 2013

Art at The Scented Bean

Where have I been?  I have been very busy!  I found out that selling my paintings made with alcohol ink is super easy when someone can see it in person and more difficult online.  So when I got an opportunity to have a table to sell at an artisan craft sale I took it.  That will be happening Nov 21.  And right after that I visited a new place with a vision to help local artisans in Farmington so I rented a shelf in "The Scented Bean" downtown Farmington!

It's all happening so fast and it's renewed my artistic passion, which I lost with a vengeance.  It kind of threw me through a loop.  It was grueling trying to get it back.  But it's back now!  I have to work extremely hard to get things going.  I am attempting to keep DPW updated and eBay but it's difficult!  I'll get my ducks in a row soon!

Here is one that is in the store.

"Organic Abstract 4"
8 x 10 alcohol ink on Yupo ~ Framed

By Kelly Dombrowski

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