March 26, 2014

Etsy Re-Opening!

What is going on in the Kelly Dombrowski Art studio lately?


I've had some help making my business more cohesive and I have been working hard and making GOOD changes and I have been working hard.  (Did I tell I have been working hard?)

I've purchased some larger than I normally work with, canvas!  YAHOO!

AND, I am really excited about this, I found an easy way to offer my inks!!  Instant downloads from ETSY!! They should be up in a couple of days!  (And eventually my website but I am not a miracle worker you know!)

I must tell you, alcohol inks breathed some life into my art and when I found out through communication to the ink company that they were NOT archival and they DO fade quickly and it WAS suggested that I find another medium to use in my fine art....



And I really found it hard to work.  But I did continue and I did find some experiments with acrylic that I will get to now that I am getting my breath back.

So onward and upward and hopefully some consistent work is coming  your way!  Stay tuned!

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