October 16, 2014

Alcohol Ink Art, Greeting Cards, iPhone Covers, Home Decor!!!

My new web store houses the alcohol ink downloads!  There is so much you can do with these!  In my terms of service I allow the purchaser to make as many items with the download as they please!  My only stipulation is to not share the file nor use it for commercial purposes and sell anything they make with the art.


OMGOSH they make GORGEOUS iPhone cases!  And pillows for home decor!  Yeow!  Spectacular!

Pillows are now a popular print on demand item!

iPhone covers!

Coffee Mugs!

I have so many colorful pieces of art to choose from!

Some of the more popular places to have things printed are;

 Zazzle Website

 Cafepress Website

 Society 6 Website
There are many others!  You receive a high enough resolution download to make anything you want on these sites!  If you have Photoshop knowledge you can have even more fun!

Don't miss out!  At this time I am unsure how long I will be making these available!  Hurry now!

 Kelly Dombrowski Art Store

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