October 21, 2014

New Paintings and Fine Art Prints AND Phone Covers

Can you tell I have been going in several directions?  Well not only is that for my art business but I have three active teens that I run around and do the daily grind with!  I am one busy lady!

So... I have dreams, oh yes I do!  But they do take longer to come to fruition, but they do come!

I took down Society 6 since nothing was going on over there but then some people were really wanting phone covers with the inks!  I remembered Fine Art America's sister site Pixels.com had phone covers along with the fine art prints!  Win win!  So I am putting the inks up over there for those of you who do not want a DIY thing :)

 Art Canvas at Pixels.com or Fine Art America

iPhone and Galaxy covers at Pixels.com or Fine Art America

I also fixed my lighting issue so I could take more accurate photos of my paintings and that allowed me to catch up!

Here are two of my latest paintings.  They should be up for sale in my store in the next couple of days.

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