January 05, 2015

Ascending No. 1 - New Series

Day 5 of Leslie Saeta's January Challenge.

Ascending No. 1

6" x 6" x 1/8" Gessobord


By Kelly Dombrowski

About the Painting

I love dramatic abstract expressionist paintings and black and white is one of my favorites.  So I started some paintings that can go together as a grouping for wall decor!  Smart and sharp!

In continuation off the black and white theme this month, these paintings symbolize the upward swing out of depression.  We are getting momentum now.  Blue happens to be my very favoritist color!  Everrrr!  So it's appropriate to have a dash of Ultramarine Blue.

The white symbolizes light and life coming out of the darkness and depression and the color accent is the zest and joy for life.

I would like to explore the different blacks.  I see this series as groupings of four using Bone Black and Titanium White.  The color accents, just a bit, drawn by a palette knife, will be Cad Red, Ultramarine Blue and Cad Yellow.

As I move on I will explore Carbon black and maybe Chromatic black.

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