January 28, 2015


Day 28 of Leslie Saeta's January Challenge.

I've been a bit sidelined by an old back injury.  The things we do when we think we are invincible as young people! :D

So I went to the Dr. after a month and a half of major owwies!  And got some great muscle relaxers and it sure did relax me!  Enough to paint these irises!

It's been one of my goals to paint abstract flowers.  Just a hint of flowerness!  These are a little too obvious.

AND no brushes were used!  Just my hands!

The Iris painting will be up on my website store when I feel like I can move things around to photograph it :)

20" x 20" acrylic on deep canvas

Also my experiments to mount ink prints has worked!  I just have a couple more and a run through for a final and I will put them up for sale!  Oh my they look so good!  They look as good as any original!


  1. It is a lovely painting and I hope your back gets better quickly.

  2. Absolutely LOVE your "fingerpainting!" And those inks - fabulous!! Feel better soon, Kelly.

    1. Thanks you Chris! It just takes time and me not overdoing it!


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