January 01, 2015

January Challenge Paintings - Out of Dark Comes Light and Color Series

Once again I find myself getting involved with Leslie Saeta's January Challenge.  Those girls are just so much fun and it's so fun to watch I don't want to be left out!

I'm coming right out and saying NO guarantees of 30 Paintings in 30 Days but I will be painting!

I love dramatic abstract expressionist paintings and black and white is one of my favorites.  So I started some paintings that can go together as a grouping for wall decor!  Smart and sharp!

I named the series (how ever many I do) "Out of  Dark Comes Light and Color"  because it's kind of like my life.  I battle depression, well actually not clinical depression but situational depression (which I am so happy for) I try to crawl out of that pit when I fall in asap!

The white symbolizes light and life coming out of the darkness and depression and the color accent is the zest and joy for life.

I would like to explore the different blacks.  I see this series as groupings of four using Bone Black and Titanium White.  The color accents, just a bit, drawn by a palette knife, will be Cad Red, Ultramarine Blue and Cad Yellow.

As I move on I will explore Carbon black and maybe Chromatic black.

They all have a grungy look made by layering extensively and wiping and scraping back and more layering with the palette knife.

Stick around!  See what happens!

Out of Darkness Comes Light and Color No. 1

6" x 6" x 1/8" Museum Board


By Kelly Dombrowski


  1. Love the texture, and the fury!

    1. Thank you Sheila! I can really sink my teeth into these!

  2. This is tremendous! I love the feeling of drama and dynamic struggle! My piece for today was about depression, too, as it so happens!

    1. What a wonderful piece you did Ann! Thanks for stopping by! I am happy when someone sees the dynamic movement and struggle in my paintings!

  3. You are so creative, Kelly! I cannot wait to see more!!

    1. Thanks Chris! I am trying to keep works in a cohesive series. I really am liking doing that!


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