January 14, 2015

Joy Wave No. 1

Day 14 of Leslie Saeta's January Challenge.

Up for auction at Daily Paintworks!

Joy Wave No. 1

6" x 6" x 1/8" Gessobord


By Kelly Dombrowski

About This Painting

In continuation off the black and white theme this month, these paintings symbolize out of depression and riding the Joy Wave!. We are  out now.  Yellow reminds me of warmth of the sun.  Sunny days are my favorite.  I find it hard to stay in depression if I am out in the sunlight!

These are really thick with paint and a cadmium yellow deep swath.


  1. Love the twists and turns, and the burst of yellow! JOY!

  2. Hi. Had to click on your artwork--love this bold brushwork. I have a penchant for ink line and this bold reverse white is really a powerful way to go. Thanks for the little distraction to your artwork. Hope you are enjoying this challenge. I am. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ann! This is a fun experiment for me! It's been years since I painted this boldly! :D


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