January 30, 2015

The Last day of 30 in 30!

Well guys, it's the last day of the challenge and my back is not up to it so I'll have to just give you a collage of what I did do minus the nice pretty picture of my Irises painting of which I had wanted to paint a sister to!  I will still!

I did better than I thought!  I have not come this close to completing a challenge in 2 years!  I learned ways not to stress over getting work done this time!
  1. Paint ahead!
  2. Paint in a series!
  3. Scan if you can! 
  4. Schedule blog posts!
  5. Rest when you have to!
To be honest, I hit the ground running with a bum back this month but I am so proud of myself.  I went to work on this full time and set aside time to "go to work"!  It's working just swell.  I have lots of things in store!

I have been bumbling and stumbling forward this month to have any kind of forward movement trying to abolish my perfectionist tendencies and I am proud to announce I am getting used to it!


  1. WOW! Fabulous! It is a hard lesson to learn, but I am doing better with that no stressing thing too. If that is the only take away from this (and it is not) then the month would be worth it :) Congrats! Hope your back is better soon :)

    1. Thank you! Art should be stress relieving not stressFULL! :D


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