January 24, 2015

There's Gotta Be PURPLE!

Day 24 of Leslie Saeta's January Challenge.

I love unexpected color ways.  Can you tell?  I love delightful surprises and experimentation.  I have to admit I do love purple and green!  An interesting mix in colors determined this outcome!

I've been forging my business plan for this year.  I have had many requests for the inks on fabric.  I am looking into it and possible places for some silks to be made :)  Some of you know I used to be a silk artist but the work was hard and the pay was terrible but the colors, OH MY!  The colors were incredible!  These inks are the closest thing I have seen in similar pigmentation!

I have cried over these inks!

Sounds so silly to write it down.  I so wanted to have them work as originals.  I basically spent an entire year running toward every solution to be stopped right at the last moment. I pray this last bunch of ideas will utilize them and not make them just a pretty picture on the internet!

Any way, if you ever get a chance and you love color and the unexpected uncontrollable properties of this medium, try it.  It's nothing like you've ever done.

Each and every one is a surprise!

There's Gotta Be PURPLE!
8 1/2 x 11"
Alcohol Ink on Yupo

By Kelly Dombrowski


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