Did Social Media Cause My Artists Block?


Procreate Tangle mandala

Practicing doodle ideas

Procreate Tangle mandala
Doodling for Inktober 2021

I have been trying desperately to get my mojo back for art these past years. It’s gone on for years and I shed many tears not understanding where my creativity went. Where my joy went. 

Sometime in 2015 my creativity started to wan. I was working on coloring books (check me out on Amazon!) and I ended up with some very serious health problems, suddenly. Stress is not good for your health!

I thought being a professional artist would make me feel fulfilled. It did not. I think it wrecked me. By the time you figure out websites, marketing (bleh, bleh bleh!!!) and the oftentimes mean cruel world of “everybody is a critic”, well that can do a real job on you. Not to mention idea stealing etc etc. It’s just not for me. Remove good health, add pain and stress and there went my endless font of creative ideas.

In the past couple of months I made a decision to make art just for me. I love to experiment, goof around, try all kinds of techniques. I really love trying new techniques! I am content to just be a mad scientist in the studio! I don't have one favorite medium and I really do love to work with my hands.

I found some podcasts that I started to listen to and found my issues were not rare. The more I listened I started to realize where I went wrong and even how I could reverse the curse! Artists block! It’s not rare!

The first thing I had to do was remove stress. The easiest way was to change my TV habits. No more news, more comedies and forget the disaster movies and murder movies and all genres involving horror and terror. 

Then I left Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I did recently get back on Instagram with caveats, only art! No drama! I still had Telegram and those numbers of unread comments would call my name all hours of the night! They had to go. I only have my friends there now to connect with.

It was hard deleting Facebook, there went my art page with a hard earned 500+ people and all the people who followed me on my personal pages. I was really nervous I did the wrong thing! I was in SO many groups too! But I did it, back in March and never looked back. I have to say I do not miss it at all.

The funny thing is, with all the noise of this crazy world gone and listening to the art podcasts of all kinds and limiting Youtube to art videos and cooking videos and spending time on Pinterest, a low drama social media place, I started to want to make some kind of art!

Could it be this simple? Getting out into the fresh air? Listening and watching uplifting things? Is that all it was? It affected me that much? How could this be?

All I know is I told my kids to clear their stuff out my stagnant studio. They have one more week to git er done.

I did listen to a podcast today on Your Creative Push, episode 364 with Jonny Bloozit. Be a Deliberate Amateur Artist. Listen Here.

It hit me. I really need to forget selling paintings or thinking about going into business again. It’s okay if my paintings pile up or if I burn the bombs or give away everything! It’s ok to stay an amateur. Its okay not to be internet famous. I am still legitimate! I have worth as an artist, bombs and all. No one has to see my failures (are they really failures if no one sees them?)

I don't need to post everything I do on Facebook or Insta. I don't need to get in front of a video camera for Youtube! I can be my nice calm and peaceful introverted self. I don't need to be concerned with customers or the atrocious shipping issues we now face. I don't need to be a reluctant accountant! No stress over taxes or finding places to sell my art.

It sounds like a real good deal to me! It sounds like something I would like to do! And I do like to blog! It’s great to look back at the years (even though I deleted everything on this one in a fit of depression). I wish blogging would come back and maybe it will.

Anyway, it seems I am finally clawing my way out of the artist block abyss. And I am really happy about that!

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