Block Annihilated? It Looks Like It!

 Good evening readers! This week has been very good to me! I have been working diligently to obliterate this artists block I have been dealing with. I have been creating regularly since mid March and realized I have not been posting here!

I am on Instagram @KellyDombrowski and I have some up close reels of my new alcohol ink series.

I just completed Louise Fletcher’s  free Find Your Joy taster class and it was just enough to kickstart me again. 

I will be going about my art making in a totally different way, with more freedom and experimentation and I will be going back to my first love of abstraction.

I really needed some help and processing to find the root of my issue and it was so obvious, yet I had not seen it for several years!

I do not like marketing and selling, it makes me feel like a used car salesman! So the whole producing a painting to market and sell just completely took the wind out of my sails. I couldn't sit down and paint  without feeling I needed to produce a saleable painting. 

I am taking time, a half a year, maybe a whole year to just explore and find my path in art. Maybe I will sell something, maybe not. It’s not my focus right now.

We put our spirit, our very essence of being into a painting and if I were you, I would want something from a happy artist! You can feel a vibe off of art for sure! And that is my goal, to make high vibe art. There is enough nonsense going on in this world right now, I am aware of it all! Yet there has to be those to hold a standard and keep joy and beauty and love going!

Enough for now.

Here are some examples of my FYJ taster class. Using very specific assignments to change our mindset.

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