January 26, 2014

Finding My WHY?!

I've made some career decisions that will affect my Facebook and Blog for a little bit.  I confess since the middle of last year I have been having somewhat of a mid-art crisis.  I've been asking what is my purpose?  What should I paint?  Why should I paint?  Why am I painting?

Which all comes down to I really want my art to connect at a healing heart level.  I want people to see beauty in my art even when life is not so beautiful.  I want it to be uplifting and give hope and love and all that good stuff. If you are in a pit, I want to drag you out of it!  You see, I've been there and art helped me out of the pit.  Making art and viewing art.

So I looked at my art and I said BLECH.  It doesn't do that right now.

And I want it to!

Which is a good thing....


The only thing I could come up with is to tuck inside my studio and just create until I am satisfied my art says what I want it to and IN MY OWN WAY!

I don't want to post and see how many likes and make more of that stuff.  I don't want to be swayed by comments and praises by others.  I do want to be true to my own heart.

I don't want to be ordinary.  I want to be extraordinary and affect the world!

The way I was painting before, won't work.


I painted for others.

I painted for  you.  Because I like you!

But that is not authentic for me.  Not anymore.  Perhaps at one time it was but not now.

I want to paint bigger



This is a big change for me.  And I am excited! 

So it will take time alone and without extraneous feedback.  I'm protecting this baby.

What I will produce will be me, my voice, my hope in the world.

2.5 x 3.5 Alcohol ink on Yupo