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Happiness Includes Your Dog!

  Procreate Digital Watercolor by Kelly Dombrowski 2021 Well it's official.  Get used to these!  I am having a blast!  Isn't she cute!  Or coot like my mom used to say LOL! I love her little ducky.  Slowly but surely I am getting going, moving past the block. There are times where I get a bit off course, thinking GREETING CARD BIZ !  But that is not the point, that is what I am trying to move away from! That said, it will save me some bucks from buying greeting cards!  I usually buy the nice fancy expensive ones!  Now I can make these! My son requested a personal digital water of his dog in this style which he can print and put up on the wall.  We lost our best doggie ever this past June.  13 years to the day!  It's hit me hard. He was my best buddy.  We will not get another dog until we are older and not able to travel.  Our kids will be moving out and another dog will keep us put and we want to travel.  It's been hard not having a furry friend around. Buddy 2008 - 20

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