November 17, 2014

Numeracy Series of Mixed Media Acrylic Paintings

I have been having a ball using some new to me techniques!  I was very familiar with making things grungy in Photoshop and I used it but I did not use it in my own art.  I just thought it was over used and I didn't know how my voice would come out, you know?

Adding other elements besides paint has allowed me to use my noggin!  I can use my Photoshop skills and painting skills and skills of finding things and different FONTS OMG FONTS.  I like FONTS A LOT!

Fonts are super important to me.  It expresses me in text.  Boring text can be flavored with awesome fonts!  Busting out of utilitarian reading fonts to scream in a title "Aren't I gorgeous! Just look at the sweep of my A!"

Back to reality.  Yeah I know, most of ya'll could care less LOL!.

Anyhoo.  I decided to name this series Numeracy since using the same size canvas, colors and numbers is what they all have in common.  Past that they get kind of flavorful.  I find myself wanting to bust out sideways but I am trying to just write down my ideas and stay with a series... LOL!  Yeah right.  I am just glad I am painting again!

Numerary No. 1 - SOLD

Acrylic Mixed Media

12" x 12" x 3/4" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Numerary No. 2

Acrylic Mixed Media

12" x 12" x 3/4" Gallery Wrap Canvas


Free Shipping in the USA

Click Here to Purchase

October 27, 2014

Blog Hop Around the World!

Hey I have a really neat thing for you today!  My fellow artist and friend CJ Roughton invited me to do a Blog Hop with her!  Please visit her blog to see the neat paintings she does of toys and whimsical objects!  Very fresh and fun!  Her work makes me happy!  Follow the links to go around the world and find wonderful artist blogs and be sure to follow them!

Now I in turn are inviting some artist friends to join in on the blog hope themselves!  Watch for their posts which will be on November 3, 2014 Monday!

Robin Pedrero has the most beautiful whimsical paintings of nature and it's so cool that she prints her art on all kinds of items too!  Her shower curtains are so beautiful!  Her works bring happiness and frivolity!  Robin is also most generous to her fellow artists in all kinds of ways!  I surely appreciate her very much!

Vicki Ross is a wonderful person with a sharp sense of humor that will keep you learning and busy with new projects!  Vicki is always trying new things and sharing with everyone!  Stop by and have a look around!

Blog: Axully Blog
Website:  Axully

Pip Montier is a relatively new friend from across the ocean in Australia.  I wish she lived closer because I know we would get along famously!  I adore her prints and projects she does!

Blog and Website: Pip Montier, Artist


Also a new friend with fabulous work and fellow Michigander (Michiganian for those who prefer that LOL)  Her abstracts are full of light and brightness.  Maria Kamara is full of light and happiness!

Website:Maria Kamara

Now for me, for those who don't know me I will answer some questions to help with that!

1. What am I working on?

So many things, so little time is my mantra!  I work on all kinds of things at the same time!  Currently I am working on abstracts that involve asemic writing.  I listen to music and let that influence the deliberate yet abstract writing I do.  Right now I am writing one thing on top of another which makes designs and then I  paint vibrant colors between the lines!

  2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Usually asemic writing is more of a script type of art like calligraphy and my work is very large colorful and playful!

 3.  Why do I create what I do?  

I am allll about color!  I try to subdue it but that never works for very long.  You can even see it in this current series!  Abstract work is the ultimate vehicle of self expression to me.  While painting more realistically does happen with me at times, there are other times when I NEED to be free with the brush strokes and color!  It frees me!

4.  How does my creating process work?

My creative process starts every morning.  I have always been aware and noticed beauty in life and color!  I might see some color I would love to work with that day and some of it dogs me until I actually use it!  I like to work on textured surfaces, that also is influenced by my daily life.  When I get to the studio, music is very important to me.  It will make or break my creative flow and I listen to EVERYTHING!  I have opera, classical, folk, indie, rock, southern rock, blues, pop, Latin!  Sometimes I actually have to flip through the stations until I find my groove!  And then ZOOM!  On top of that I listen mostly to the beat and instrumental.  I am notorious for not knowing words!

I hope exploring new artists is as fun for you as it was for me!

October 21, 2014

New Paintings and Fine Art Prints AND Phone Covers

Can you tell I have been going in several directions?  Well not only is that for my art business but I have three active teens that I run around and do the daily grind with!  I am one busy lady!

So... I have dreams, oh yes I do!  But they do take longer to come to fruition, but they do come!

I took down Society 6 since nothing was going on over there but then some people were really wanting phone covers with the inks!  I remembered Fine Art America's sister site had phone covers along with the fine art prints!  Win win!  So I am putting the inks up over there for those of you who do not want a DIY thing :)

 Art Canvas at or Fine Art America

iPhone and Galaxy covers at or Fine Art America

I also fixed my lighting issue so I could take more accurate photos of my paintings and that allowed me to catch up!

Here are two of my latest paintings.  They should be up for sale in my store in the next couple of days.

October 16, 2014

Alcohol Ink Art, Greeting Cards, iPhone Covers, Home Decor!!!

My new web store houses the alcohol ink downloads!  There is so much you can do with these!  In my terms of service I allow the purchaser to make as many items with the download as they please!  My only stipulation is to not share the file nor use it for commercial purposes and sell anything they make with the art.


OMGOSH they make GORGEOUS iPhone cases!  And pillows for home decor!  Yeow!  Spectacular!

Pillows are now a popular print on demand item!

iPhone covers!

Coffee Mugs!

I have so many colorful pieces of art to choose from!

Some of the more popular places to have things printed are;

 Zazzle Website

 Cafepress Website

 Society 6 Website
There are many others!  You receive a high enough resolution download to make anything you want on these sites!  If you have Photoshop knowledge you can have even more fun!

Don't miss out!  At this time I am unsure how long I will be making these available!  Hurry now!

 Kelly Dombrowski Art Store

October 11, 2014

More New Art

I am baaaccckkk!!!  Yes, I get much more engagement with Blogger than I do with blogs on my website so I am back!  Take note!  We do love traffic and interaction!

I never finished 30 paintings in 30 days.  I noticed a trend.  Ok, I am not a daily painter so shoot me lol!  But I am a prolific painter if you don't put pressure on me!  So here is some of what I did and they are all available in my webstore!


Check out the new webstore HERE!

Free shipping to USA!

April 12, 2014

Mini Alcohol Ink Demo

Well finally I remembered to take pics while I was playing with the inks! This is a little insight as to what I do and what I do it with!

Here is a supply list

  • Yupo paper 74#
  • Ranger Adirondak alcohol ink
  • Adirondak Blender Solution
  • 91% alcohol
  • Plain plastic straw
  • Makeup wedge
  • Very small paint brush
  • Freezer paper
  • Viva paper towel
  • small cup that will not be harmed by alcohol
  • good ventilation!

Beginning steps not shown.

I set up my area by placing freezer paper plastic side up to protect my work surface, I tape it down so it doesn't roll up on me!  I then place a viva paper towel on that.  I will be tipping up my paper to let the ink flow.

To begin I squirt enough Blender solution to cover the paper and spread it quickly with a straw.  You can use your fingers but I don't like to get so many chemicals on me.  In fact gloves are a great idea!  I just forget to use them! I then use my first color immediately before it all dries completely.  Inks dry quick!

Now the fun starts... pick a color!

Step 1

 I decide this time to do an all over color.  I help it along by spreading it with a straw and keep going until it is pleasing to me.

Step 2

I add a little orange, because, and spread with a straw again!

Step 3

I have waited a couple seconds to let the second layer dry. This gives you a hard line where  you put the ink.  I squirt right from the bottle.  It's uncontrollable by the way.  Then I tilted the paper in the direction I want the ink to flow.  Dark lines will form where there is excess ink.  I like those lines.

Step 4

I am trying something new, the opposite direction flows!  I am not sure if I like it.  

Step 5

Right now I am using total intuition.  I am exploring.  Everything I do from here on out is a grand experiment.  At any time I can wreck the whole thing, but I don't care that's what makes this fun to me!  I never know what I am going to get.  The risk is worth it to me.  The surprise is what I live for!

Step 6

I am wanting some value changes here.  So I take a risk and drop some really dark colors in.

Step 7

I decide intuitively to add some texture.  I do this by "painting" on 91% alcohol.  I place a tiny bit in a little container and use my tiny brush to brush some on.  Be careful this stuff smells and spreads quickly! Make sure you have good ventilation, you'll know why quickly! How far you go is totally up to you.  I recommend less rather than more texture.

Here is a good time to note, with alcohol ink a lighter color will actually be lighter over a darker color, somewhat, with the ink!  Play!

Step 8

 I decide to use a dropper and put drops of ink on my makeup wedge and I stamp it around.  The edges of the wedge make interesting lines!

Step 9

 I decide to cool it on the texture and use plain blender solution to make a flow.  I tip my paper until I am satisfied with how it looks.  I can add more solution if I need to.  It's messy at this point and much ink flows off the paper.

Step 10

Now I am just playing some more.

Step 11

Lets add a dark and a bright color!  I am using the same flow technique as before.

Step 12

I am adding some similar texture like the top for balance.

Step 13

Well hey that was a little too much! Blender solution and color is a good way to add another flow.

Step 14

I have used more makeup wedge texture and added a couple more color flows in this one.

Step 15

And ta da!  Here is the finished art work!

The most important part is to just play.  You'll get a feel for what you like.  If you go into this with an idea of what you are going to paint it will be frustrating.  I always say, learn to work with the medium and not fight against it!

To clean up just wipe with 91% alcohol, your hands, work surface, any place where it is alcohol safe and wash your hands immediately afterward with soap and water along with any brushes you have used.

Good luck!  Show me what you have done!


1. What effect does putting down the base color have though? It seems like it got completely covered and doesn't show through at all.

A. It's just part of my process of intuitive painting!  You can start with any color or no color.  Although with no color little white specks may show through and never get color. 

Many people even use the tiny paint brushes to paint something but I don't do that so that is why it's not shown here.

April 02, 2014

It's HERE! My Etsy Store Re-Opening!


All the inks are available as downloads in MY OWN STORE!  On MY OWN WEBSITE!  YAY!

Yay!  I know you have been waiting with 'bated breath!


I have instant downloads galore!  And I will be adding a couple more a day all week!

Ze Etsy Store

I am also working on putting them up on my website but that will take longer!  Check out these photoshopped frames to show them off!  Fancy schmancy!

March 26, 2014

Etsy Re-Opening!

What is going on in the Kelly Dombrowski Art studio lately?


I've had some help making my business more cohesive and I have been working hard and making GOOD changes and I have been working hard.  (Did I tell I have been working hard?)

I've purchased some larger than I normally work with, canvas!  YAHOO!

AND, I am really excited about this, I found an easy way to offer my inks!!  Instant downloads from ETSY!! They should be up in a couple of days!  (And eventually my website but I am not a miracle worker you know!)

I must tell you, alcohol inks breathed some life into my art and when I found out through communication to the ink company that they were NOT archival and they DO fade quickly and it WAS suggested that I find another medium to use in my fine art....



And I really found it hard to work.  But I did continue and I did find some experiments with acrylic that I will get to now that I am getting my breath back.

So onward and upward and hopefully some consistent work is coming  your way!  Stay tuned!

February 28, 2014

So You Wanna Know About Color Theory?!

 Moses Harris (1731-1785)

I had a nice chat with my friend this morning and as a fairly new artist she would like to explore more formal avenues of learning such as color theory and the elements of design.

Today I would like to give you links to my searches online for free color theory instruction!  I thought it would be great to list them here for future reference and your learning enjoyment!

I personally had many years of training in art all through school even studying on my own at a young age.  I did not play I drew!  I painted!  I sculpted!  That's just what I did.


But since becoming an acrylic painter, Missknowitallsassypants, did not make the ultimate color learning experience charts.  I will give links to those also!

1. Much more than color theory, the legacy of Charles Sovek lives on in this awesome resource.  

Lessons from the Easel - The Basics 


2.  WetCanvas, an  artists forum, has an awesome community resource of Color Theory and Mixing.

WetCanvas - Color Theory and Mixing

Their Color Theory and Mixing from Art School Online

3.  These two books also come highly recommended.  For painters especially.

Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green:  How to Mix the Color You Really Want - Every Time

Color Choices - Making Sense Out of Color Theory


4. A very thorough discussion about color theory from  

Handprint: Color Theory 


5. Golden paint also has a wonderful article on color mixing acrylic.

Color Mixing.... You Can't Get It Unless You Do It.

6. Finally another painter, Pat Fiorello.  All of July 2011 on her blog is about color charts!

Pat Fiorello ~ Color Charts


7. And here is some plain ol' eye candy!  I love this site!  I subscribe to it.

Design Seeds

EDIT!  Additional Resources!

8. Richard Schmid Color Chart Exercise on YouTube

 9. David Briggs The Dimensions of Color!  More color theory!

 Hue Value Chroma

That's it for now!  Happy learning!


February 09, 2014

Finding My Way

I thought I would update on my new journey with my art!  I have done lots of mental gymnastics and self introspection and asking myself "What do I want".

I will be changing the looks of my website.  It was a nice starter site but I really prefer to have my own little twists in there not being the traditional way some people expect :)  It will still be easy to navigate.

I am separating my calculating engineering self from my art self in the way that one is rigid and professional and all the ducks HAVE to be in a row.  To a more organic artsy model.  One that flows with my desires more and less about what people think.

Previously my logo was of a font that was classic and professional.... now it will be a form of my signature.

Also one of the biggest changes going on is my switch toward more abstract colorful work.  I love that kind of stuff and it charges my batteries :D

Another conundrum also has been thought out.  What to do with my alcohol ink art? I love to make that art!

Well, here is the problem.  While gorgeous and beautiful they tend toward fading, almost like those old photos everyone has when exposed to the sunlight and UV light in general.  I can't get around that fact.  I can't in good conscience sell them at a price that reflects my skill level this way. It might take a couple years, but it does fade.


I have decided not to sell originals of those works but prints instead.  Limited Edition prints of a run of 25 only.  I keep the originals and make my studio beautiful :D  I will also be brave enough to work larger this way! Each print will be signed by me and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

For my acrylic paintings, they are coming.  I have several ideas for series I would like to do.  I am mulling over what kind of size.  I eventually want to work larger in the 30" and above range. For now I have to stay smaller for a bit to get my feet on stable ground!

And about my "WHY".  When I paint I am drawn into the new textures and mixing of paint and the colors and I constantly discover.  The reason I paint is to share with you that wonderment and excitement and surprise of each piece.  The way the paint flows or the colors blend and all of that kind of wonderful discovery in art.  Something you can stare at and discover for years.

I am very pleased with my progress and I hope to update you soon with a new series!!  Until then au revoir!

January 26, 2014

Finding My WHY?!

I've made some career decisions that will affect my Facebook and Blog for a little bit.  I confess since the middle of last year I have been having somewhat of a mid-art crisis.  I've been asking what is my purpose?  What should I paint?  Why should I paint?  Why am I painting?

Which all comes down to I really want my art to connect at a healing heart level.  I want people to see beauty in my art even when life is not so beautiful.  I want it to be uplifting and give hope and love and all that good stuff. If you are in a pit, I want to drag you out of it!  You see, I've been there and art helped me out of the pit.  Making art and viewing art.

So I looked at my art and I said BLECH.  It doesn't do that right now.

And I want it to!

Which is a good thing....


The only thing I could come up with is to tuck inside my studio and just create until I am satisfied my art says what I want it to and IN MY OWN WAY!

I don't want to post and see how many likes and make more of that stuff.  I don't want to be swayed by comments and praises by others.  I do want to be true to my own heart.

I don't want to be ordinary.  I want to be extraordinary and affect the world!

The way I was painting before, won't work.


I painted for others.

I painted for  you.  Because I like you!

But that is not authentic for me.  Not anymore.  Perhaps at one time it was but not now.

I want to paint bigger



This is a big change for me.  And I am excited! 

So it will take time alone and without extraneous feedback.  I'm protecting this baby.

What I will produce will be me, my voice, my hope in the world.

2.5 x 3.5 Alcohol ink on Yupo