So You Wanna Know About Color Theory?!

 Moses Harris (1731-1785)

I had a nice chat with my friend this morning and as a fairly new artist she would like to explore more formal avenues of learning such as color theory and the elements of design.

Today I would like to give you links to my searches online for free color theory instruction!  I thought it would be great to list them here for future reference and your learning enjoyment!

I personally had many years of training in art all through school even studying on my own at a young age.  I did not play I drew!  I painted!  I sculpted!  That's just what I did.


But since becoming an acrylic painter, Missknowitallsassypants, did not make the ultimate color learning experience charts.  I will give links to those also!

1. Much more than color theory, the legacy of Charles Sovek lives on in this awesome resource.  

Lessons from the Easel - The Basics 


2.  These two books also come highly recommended.  For painters especially.

Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green:  How to Mix the Color You Really Want - Every Time

Color Choices - Making Sense Out of Color Theory


3. A very thorough discussion about color theory from  

Handprint: Color Theory 


4. Golden paint also has a wonderful article on color mixing acrylic.

Color Mixing.... You Can't Get It Unless You Do It.

5. Finally another painter, Pat Fiorello.  All of July 2011 on her blog is about color charts!

Pat Fiorello ~ Color Charts


6. And here is some plain ol' eye candy!  I love this site!  I subscribe to it.

Design Seeds

EDIT!  Additional Resources!

7. Richard Schmid Color Chart Exercise on YouTube

  8. David Briggs The Dimensions of Color!  More color theory!

 Hue Value Chroma

That's it for now!  Happy learning!


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