February 28, 2014

So You Wanna Know About Color Theory?!

 Moses Harris (1731-1785)

I had a nice chat with my friend this morning and as a fairly new artist she would like to explore more formal avenues of learning such as color theory and the elements of design.

Today I would like to give you links to my searches online for free color theory instruction!  I thought it would be great to list them here for future reference and your learning enjoyment!

I personally had many years of training in art all through school even studying on my own at a young age.  I did not play I drew!  I painted!  I sculpted!  That's just what I did.


But since becoming an acrylic painter, Missknowitallsassypants, did not make the ultimate color learning experience charts.  I will give links to those also!

1. Much more than color theory, the legacy of Charles Sovek lives on in this awesome resource.  

Lessons from the Easel - The Basics 


2.  WetCanvas, an  artists forum, has an awesome community resource of Color Theory and Mixing.

WetCanvas - Color Theory and Mixing

Their Color Theory and Mixing from Art School Online

3.  These two books also come highly recommended.  For painters especially.

Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green:  How to Mix the Color You Really Want - Every Time

Color Choices - Making Sense Out of Color Theory


4. A very thorough discussion about color theory from handprint.com  

Handprint: Color Theory 


5. Golden paint also has a wonderful article on color mixing acrylic.

Color Mixing.... You Can't Get It Unless You Do It.

6. Finally another painter, Pat Fiorello.  All of July 2011 on her blog is about color charts!

Pat Fiorello ~ Color Charts


7. And here is some plain ol' eye candy!  I love this site!  I subscribe to it.

Design Seeds

EDIT!  Additional Resources!

8. Richard Schmid Color Chart Exercise on YouTube

 9. David Briggs The Dimensions of Color!  More color theory!

 Hue Value Chroma

That's it for now!  Happy learning!


February 09, 2014

Finding My Way

I thought I would update on my new journey with my art!  I have done lots of mental gymnastics and self introspection and asking myself "What do I want".

I will be changing the looks of my website.  It was a nice starter site but I really prefer to have my own little twists in there not being the traditional way some people expect :)  It will still be easy to navigate.

I am separating my calculating engineering self from my art self in the way that one is rigid and professional and all the ducks HAVE to be in a row.  To a more organic artsy model.  One that flows with my desires more and less about what people think.

Previously my logo was of a font that was classic and professional.... now it will be a form of my signature.

Also one of the biggest changes going on is my switch toward more abstract colorful work.  I love that kind of stuff and it charges my batteries :D

Another conundrum also has been thought out.  What to do with my alcohol ink art? I love to make that art!

Well, here is the problem.  While gorgeous and beautiful they tend toward fading, almost like those old photos everyone has when exposed to the sunlight and UV light in general.  I can't get around that fact.  I can't in good conscience sell them at a price that reflects my skill level this way. It might take a couple years, but it does fade.


I have decided not to sell originals of those works but prints instead.  Limited Edition prints of a run of 25 only.  I keep the originals and make my studio beautiful :D  I will also be brave enough to work larger this way! Each print will be signed by me and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

For my acrylic paintings, they are coming.  I have several ideas for series I would like to do.  I am mulling over what kind of size.  I eventually want to work larger in the 30" and above range. For now I have to stay smaller for a bit to get my feet on stable ground!

And about my "WHY".  When I paint I am drawn into the new textures and mixing of paint and the colors and I constantly discover.  The reason I paint is to share with you that wonderment and excitement and surprise of each piece.  The way the paint flows or the colors blend and all of that kind of wonderful discovery in art.  Something you can stare at and discover for years.

I am very pleased with my progress and I hope to update you soon with a new series!!  Until then au revoir!