April 28, 2015

Alcohol Ink Tools and Supplies

Hi everyone!  I hope spring has you in a great mood like it does me!  Whew, what a long winter! Good riddance!  When we hit 70 I feel like I can do anything!

I impulsively said what the heck and decided to make a little video with my iPad on the tools I use in alcohol ink painting.  It's very rudimentary but I started!  That's half the battle right?

There will be a learning curve...

I am going to do this though!

I have lot's of ideas and thought well, maybe technique will be most helpful.  That's really what I want to see but no one does it, they just paint.  I like to have all my tools and options spread before me and then I like to go at it! So I am going to make videos like that.  Short bites of technique.

Here is the first one.  I hope this clears some things up and gives you ideas!  I am sure I'll come up with more tools!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!!

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  1. That was great, Kelly! I found it very interesting and am looking forward to further videos from you.

    (I have been learning how to do videos too, it is lots of fun)

    1. Thanks Rolina! We'll get this down. It was not as bad as I thought although I will not use my ipad again :)

  2. Wow, Kelly! I really enjoyed this video - great job!
    Question: Do you spray a fixative or varnish-type layer over your finished alcohol ink paintings to protect them? Thanks!!

    1. I do not. I have not had luck with this. I cannot spray in the winter and when I did attempt it it was clumping. I think I used some Krylon archival spray. I also tried varnishing with acrylic varnish and it worked but so many brush marks! So now I do not. I have no idea how long they will last this way. There is a UV glass protector film available at B&H photo online that you could put over the glass.

      I have not gone into tiles because I don't want to deal with resins either.

      There is one other option I toyed with and then went nah, too much work. Which was to mount them on cradled board and use a pourable self leveling medium from Golden and top that with Goldens removable varnish.


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