Abstract Expressionism Edgework

Untitled Abstract

 Procreate Digital Art

13.3" x 16.6"
4000 px x 5000 px

Procreate is such a wonderful tool to play with new ideas! Today I wanted to play with edges and a new to me palette! Its a challenge to find the right brushes to mimic real tools and I enjoy that. I am resting from surgery this week, maybe next also, before I can get in the studio. I cannot really use my left arm for anything at the moment. 

I left off in the studio having prepared watercolor paper with gesso for many experiments. I am determined to find a process that I love and my own voice. I have really narrowed it down but now its time to put brush to canvas soon instead of just playing!

I purchased 20, 8" x 8" canvases that don't need much prep for after I feel better and can get to it. I hope to have some little art to sell this year. I am giving all my art to my son to sell since I do not want the stress. He has an eBay business, Blue Water Emporium. I will probably link to his PayPal from this blog or directly to his eBay store. I am lucky he loves to sell online!

The palette was very unusual for me and a challenge! Grey green is not something I immediately reach for! I just love vibrant color. I am considering how to use greys in making my vibrant colors pop and pale pastel whites for calm places for the eye to rest.

In this piece I used deconstruction of edges and colored pencil to use some vigorous mark making around some shapes. I love the way it turned out! I have long desired to use more line in my work! I discovered that is one of my must haves!

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